humongo nation: bringing families together

Our Wisconsin friend Todd Sanders (perhaps better known as @tsand, the funniest dude on Twitter) has kids. And everyone knows that kids need the hottest back to school fashions.

Because the Sanders family knows style when they see it, his kids wanted Humongo Nation t-shirts. (They were already the most fashion forward crowd in Wisconsin, sporting last year's PlaidNation t-shirts.)

Humongo supports trendy family fashion, so we were willing to oblige...if @tsand's son could complete a video challenge: deliver a frank & beans pie to his dad's face, we'd send his son a Humongo Nation t-shirt.

Because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Todd's son was happy to oblige. Watch the frank and beans goodness on YouTube. (And yes, if you do the same, we'll send you a t-shirt. Just be sure to tag it #humongonation)

Sanders family: t-shirts are on the way.


Todd said...

Two yellow labs + frank and beans pie all over the backyard = interesting night. I loved that we kept my wife out of the loop... until my son spilled the beans and told her why the dogs were so gassy.

Thanks for doing the tour, it's fun to watch and learn. See you next year! AND thanks for the back-to-school gear!

darryl ohrt said...

This made my day. :)

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