how to cleanse yourself from social media

Mark Malkoff has decided that he's become an online addict. He spends far too much time on Twitter, Facebook, email, YouTube and blogs and news sites. So he's got a plan to cleanse himself.

Mark will be locking himself into a space smaller than a standard death row jail cell. Mark will be living in his pink NYC bathroom for five days.

His wife has agreed to takeover his Facebook and Twitter accounts for this time period. (Hopefully she won't shut them down.)

Mark will be using the time to do a bunch of things that he's been putting off (see the full list on his blog), and of course, producing a video documenting his experience.

Sounds like a painful vacation. Could you use a good cleansing? Could you live in your bathroom?


(different) Mark said...

So where will Mark review his experiment after it's over? Post his video? Promote the experiment?

He's pulling himself right back into his addiction, right?

darryl ohrt said...

I thought the same thing. He's documenting the entire stunt with the full intention of sharing through his social networks.

(To answer your question, we can assume it will be featured on his blog, linked above.)

Even so, I'm intrigued. Having chatted with a few friends who have given up a mobile device for a week (usually involuntarily), it's interesting to see the perspectives gained, what they learned about themselves and our constant need to be connected.

In the end, none of them gave up their connection - but the week off gave them a new appreciation for their time, their lives and...their devices.

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