crowdsourcing your burger

4 Food is a new fast food concept that's just launched in NYC. They make hamburgers with the centers cut out. (Think meat donuts). Then they fill the center holes with delicious veggie fillings.

Even better, they've built an entirely interactive restaurant experience. FourSquare checkins and tweets are projected on screens in the restaurant. But that's not all...they've taken the burger making experience and made it social.

Putting filling into burger holes creates nearly infinite combination of tasty burger treats. So why not let your customers create their own recipes??

Once open, you'll be able to go to the 4Food website, create and order your burger, and save and name the recipe. For every future visitor that orders your recipe, you get .25 store credit. That's crowd sourcing, tasty delicious genius. With veggie filling.

Our resident foodie @kdel713 got to check out the pre-grand opening last night. Looks yummy! (Thanks, @travrsn!)

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At 2:49 PM, Blogger Ben Kunz said...
I'd like a whole burger covered in vegetables, with the centers of the vegetables cut out, for room for more burger.  

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