always put lions in all of your ads - blue screen animals can help

Luke Sullivan, or as I like to call him Lucky Luke, has a long standing joke he likes to use in seminars. "Always put lions in all of your ads". He then proceeds to show you really terrible ads with unexplained lions in them. It doesn't have to be lions, he'll do this example exercise with falcons, tigers, panthers - you name the overused animal and he's got an ad collection of it.

If you really need to put lions in all of your ads, Framepool can help you. They're gotten in gear and now offer the world’s biggest and most comprehensive collections of blue/green screen animal footage. More than 3000 clips of a great variety of species and movements can now easily be found If they don't have it, they'll shoot the animal for you. Since it's already chroma-keyed you can now get your Lions or a poisonous Egyptian Cobra and place them in any situation you want, maybe hanging out at the breakfast table with Mike eating Life cereal. More Lions for everyone!

Before you get all exited and start putting random wild animals into everyday situations just because you can now, have a listen to what Luke says about "simplicity". And remember, ads with lions in them seldom win lions.

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Anonymous said...

Reading his book. Right. Now. On my lunch. Seriously.

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