adidas mega diner open in chicago

You've probably seen the new Adidas tv spots that take place in a diner. Chicago residents going to Lollapalooza got to see it come to life this weekend. They opened a actual Adidas MegaDiner in Grant Park. Concert goers could order shoes and have them shipped to their home.

No word on whether the diner will exist after the palooza event, and/or if it's coming to other cities, but doesn't it make you hungry for sneaker shopping?

Not going to Lollapalooza? You can experience the virtual diner from the safety of your cubicle. Sneakers + sexy diner waitress = win.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dang this is really crazy! I cant believe they have actually opened an Adidas dinner like the ones in the B.o.B commercials. They is really crazy you canactually order shoes to your house!

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