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This a follow-up to a piece I blogged some time ago. Phillip Toledano is an art director and photographer who put together an astonishing collection of images of his father’s last days at Days With My Father, along with stories to accompany them. Not gonna lie, for guys it feels like one giant game of catch between father and son at the end of Field of Dreams. The collection is now out in book form. What this site always showed though was the simple power of a compelling story with great photography, complimented by a clean, interesting site navigation. Too often in advertising still, brands get complicated with stories they put out everywhere. It’s almost like if they just flood every social network and blog, their message will resonate as people connect with it.

It fits with the idea that the shotgun approach and *push* form of advertising’s glorious past is dead. How? Because it’s really social media’s dirty little secret that this is exactly what brands are still doing when they flood Twitter, Facebook, et al., or hit *key influencers* on blogs. A great story though finds its way into all those places without help. Those channels then become icing on the cake for the whole affair and naturally flow from it. People seek great stories out on their own. Good or mediocre stories though, still need the push. It’s why Apple doesn’t need social media, because its fans tell their story for them. And that story is based on a great product that you have to have.

Phillips’s story doesn’t need a Facebook for you to be touched by it.

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