smart phone users 41% more likely to ogle swimsuits

Our friends at Jagtag are back with new case studies of how QR codes lead to marketing results. QR codes (which look like small, square, bubbly product bar codes) invite users to snap a photo with their phones and either email or text in the image; Jagtag responds with rich media content such as a 20-second video to give the user more information. A recent campaign for Sports Illustrated generated 120,000 responses -- with 24% of requests coming from smart phones, a response share much higher than the 17% of mobile phones in the U.S. in that category.

Of course, asking readers to email in codes to get videos of Sports Illustrated models is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.

Andrew Bolton at Jagtag tells us marketers are moving beyond print response (how Sports Illustrated used the codes) to QR codes for point-of-sale purchase influence and CRM programs. For POS use, think of a wine brand that offers you free food pairing information or recipes simply by snapping an image of a code at the local wine store rack, a clear differentiator. For CRM use, a marketer could then stage a few questions, say asking your preferences, gender, and age to receive personalized offers, building a profile of you for future customer relationship management.

Or better yet, just ask cell-phone shoppers if they'd like to receive videos of nearly nude Sports Illustrated models.

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