poke you very much

Angela, BFFB friend across the Parisian way, brings us electro thrash producer The Toxic Avenger, a.k.a. Simon Delacroix and some sweet social media visualization in N’Importe Comment (featuring Orelsan.) Here in the states, the graphic numbers thing has been abused in financial spots, but this execution breathes life into the technique. It’s your video game life... come to life. (The opening sequence where you start your day off with choice of skins leading into the cell interference? Genius!) Lest you think we’re getting too heavy with deep explorations of social media relationships, Google throws my high school French a lifeline and tells me that the lyrics are about what any disposable rap-pop clip here might be about: Looking good with your crew. Throw in a fab beat to compliment the sexist ass-slaps and let’s dance! Regardless, you don’t really need to understand what they’re saying since the message is clear: We are who we follow, on Facebook—or the street.

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