playboy launches site that's (sadly) safe for work

Sure you think this is a prurient blog post but there are deep marketing questions in Playboy's launch of This safe-for-work web site could represent the retrenchment of men's magazines in the face of widespread online porn, a recognition that aging boomers with tamer interests are desirable targets for advertisers, confirmation that the rise of women in upper incomes and management who make the majority of household purchase decisions requires new thinking for all entertainment venues, proof that pollution in America's waterways has led to estrogen-mimicking chemicals lowering testosterone in male blood streams, or evidence marketers know that you there sir like to waste time in the office.

Don't look at us. We just read it for the articles.

1 comment:

Åsk Dabitch said...

That looks a lot like the pose that jailbird Lindsay Lohan does on the "Machete" posters. I noticed that she's been cut out of the trailer.....

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