Old Spice p0wns social media

87 no, wait 184 (my god, they just kept coming!) videos later Old Spice calls it quits, for now. With their "Re:" series of replies to tweets, Old Spice, Procter and Gamble, W+K, Ian Tait, Dave Knox and of course the fab performer Isaiah Mustafa just showed everyone how the internet was won. I predict hefty Cannes wins for Old Spice in 2011.

This wasn't just your run-of the-mill social media experiment. Like Luke Sullivan says in I See dead ad jobs "Creativity matters now more than ever. We can’t buy people’s attention anymore." and this was very creative, but still based in the old-skool adskills of storytelling. People paid attention because it was actually talking to them, as readwriteweb reported there was a team checking the internet comments about the campaign in realtime while they were making it.

Even 4Chan loved it, and that's a tough crowd to please. My only beef with the Old Spice campaign now is that I have proposed to it since Armpit mountain, Questions, declared my crush in Man your man could smell like and now finally tweeting that I want to marry the Old Spice campaign (there's no law against it afaik), but Old Spice is still not responding. I'm heartbroken. BooHoo.

All the usual suspects have grouped together to create this: great stategic insight, a great idea, a creative agency, a brave client and pure talent. When you have a good story to tell, you can run with it in any media.

Silver fish hand catch!

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Anonymous said...

these commercials are hilarious

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