old spice: the new benchmark for mega success

Just in case you didn't have the internet on yesterday, or if you live in a cave, you need to be aware of the fact that Old Spice owned the internet yesterday.

They took their immensely popular Old Spice man, put him in a studio and had him record thank you responses to tweets, comments on the YouTube channel, and other responses. This was a near-live event, and loads of media was created on the fly. (Check out the marriage proposal, above.)

The smash hit on the internet, capturing all of the water cooler internet hype for the day - AND - all of this media will continue to live, continue to generate views, and continue to build for the brand. Nice job, nice smelling man.

Notcot features a sweet gallery of what the brand did for Twitter backgrounds, page takeovers and merchandising. This is the new case study that everyone will be comparing their campaigns to, for the next six months. "We want an Old Spice style promotion for our brand..."


Anonymous said...

but, "sales of the brand have dropped 7 percent"



RFB said...

Exactly what the above person said. If success is defined by marketing people tweeting about your awesomeness, then W&K did a great thing. On the other hand, @bronwen of Australia laid it out nicely with this gem on Twitter: "We all love the Old Spice campaign. Just please don't wear it."

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