leaping ladders

Pomparkour is a new sport that combines parkour and ladders. You know, so instead of energy drinks going viral with video of people almost killing themselves leaping off of buildings, now you'll go super-viral with people almost killing themselves with ladders.

Sure, Wikipedia thinks it's all a hoax, but we say get behind this. Cancel your TV spots, hire a video guy to follow a street team, and take it one step further -- have the athletes land in wheelbarrows. Via @matt_muir.


Åsk Dabitch said...

I don't care if BBDO invented the sport, it makes for one hell of a vertigo inducing ad. V for Vertigo. Geddit? I squeeed like a bunny when I posted it. My only objection (and I make that clear in the post too http://adland.tv/node/150703 ) is that they don't state "professional stuntmen do not attempt"or similar. The post production has removed all the wires and safety-widgets these guys are actually wearing, and then kids might think this is a good idea... Yeah, uhm. This won't end well.

Ben Kunz said...

Sure, now you tell me. At lunch I climbed up to the roof using nothing but a coffee cup and paper clips.

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