the ipad's 15% response rate. mmmmeow.

Social media brainiac Shiv Singh reports iPad usage numbers that should have advertisers purring. The main finding: users are really engaged with the device, spending 60 minutes a month with each Conde Naste magazine app vs. 2.1 minutes at or 3.8 minutes at And click-through rates are a whopping 15% (that is not a typo).

It's worth noting that response rates are always elevated among early adopters of technology; way back in the day, click throughs on banner ads in the 1990s were above 2.0%, and now slump below 0.08%, a return so low that many online strategists avoid talking about CTRs altogether and instead claim branding impact or lift in intent that drives paid search clicks elsewhere. But if readers remain actually reading and clicking, the iPad tablet is an ad medium to watch.

Image: FoxyCoxy


Howie said...

I don't have an IPad. I won't. But I will be getting a Tablet of some sort one day I am sure. If I get an IPad it will be because I can ditch the laptop completely. Until then the price point is too high.

That said I am curious to learn more about what kind of Ads are being clicked on. What they say. Etc. The Chase credit card I think is an anomaly. My hunch. First off IPad owners bought them for image first and foremost. No different than a rolex. It is a 100% vanity device at this point in time. No one NEEDS it. Though it is a very slick electronics device.

So depending on the add from Chase the same people who buy a Rolex for vanity sake (who need a watch these days been years since I used one) could of been incentivized to be in an exclusive club with a card only IPad owners can have so they can show off to their friends.

A year ago an article came out that rich bankers in Wall Street browsed the APP Store every morning to trump each other with the coolest APPs because when you make $500k + a year you can and not care.

Still impressive click through though. Also want to know what the conversion rate is.

Ben Kunz said...

Howie, here's a quick case study of one. I know a 30something woman who is totally uninterested in technology. Just got a cell phone a year ago, basic model, and hardly has it turned on. No home computer. Reads magazines and newspapers.

She just ordered an iPad -- because, for her, it's a simple computer with a low price point, and provides the basic surfing functionality she wants. She also likes watching movies.

So, how about that ... the laggard generation may adopt the new technology because instead of being an unneeded luxurious gizmo, it's a simpler version of the higher-priced, overly complex personal computers the rest of us have learned to manage over the years.

One person's luxury gizmo is another's simple, cheap solution. My bet is, the low-tech adopters push iPad to the middle.

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