if print wasn’t dead before...

Aka, how to turn Facebook into a magazine. FlipBoard is less about killing print though and just making the online experience better. Basically, it takes your social networks and aggregates all the content it finds, then converts into an interactive magazine layout. Robert Scoble is big on this, and admittedly, it sure does make Facebook look sexy as hell compared to um, well, what it looks like now. Will this have them rethinking that whole “Don’t let users skin their pages like MySpace” thing? Not sure, but it livens up a page, complete with the page turn you know and love. More importantly, whereas print magazines only offers a non-linear way to read pages—basically you can thumb through and stop wherever—the overall experience is limited physically. FlipBoard changes that dynamic so that you can investigate elements in the content in a more dimensional way. Each update, each clip, each image now becomes a stepping-off point to other content. To skip to the actual demo, click here.* (Via.)

*Not to offend Robert and his intro—we like him. Rebels that we are, we even *almost* trashed his front lawn during Humongo Nation 2—First Blood.


Ben Kunz said...

Of course, if FlipBoard aggregates content that your friends find, the question is who is going to produce all that original content?

I don't see this as killing magazines and mainstream media -- required for original material -- but it certainly will put downward pressure on their ad revenue, since it is moving eyeballs away from all those internal impressions.

It also really questions the value of an editor. Yikes, hate to be working in that industry with this type of crowdsourced competition.

Anonymous said...

And Adobe will be releasing their own iPad layout software/program as part of their CS suite next month too.

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