compare and contrast cause ads - one with swearing

In the above Restore the Gulf PSA we have the usual suspects in a cause advert. Famous actors, musicians, people, intercut as they all tell the same story. All being very serious as they bring their serious message. Hopeful music swells. "We can do this together". Lets compare and contrast to this fix the gulf message, which is told in the same intercutting manner, except with added swearwords. Lots of swearwords. Don't say I didn't warn you. Which one do you think is more effective as a call to action? Which one has gotten more viral spread?*

"Restore the gulf" only want you to sign a petition, while Unf--kthegulf want some action. You could also send your money directly to anyone on this list of charities assisting Gulf Coast Oil Spill Clean Up. If you don't like either one of the above, I'd say do that instead.

* yes, it's the swearing one that is taking the internet by storm, but it ain't over yet.


Jetpacks said...

I'm not sure which approach I hate more, celebrities with a generic "Be the one" message or gratuitous swearing for the sake of swearing. They both suck. On the celebs side, I can see the people who live there or have ties to the area being in the first one, nit when you throw in a Sandra Bullock, you get the feeling many signed up just for the publicity. And fuck that other one. It's fucking stupid.

Fisherman, motel owners, people who make their living from the gulf - that's who I want to see, not these assholes.

Bob Knorpp, @thebeancast said...

Yeah, I have to agree with Dave. Both are really gratuitous in their own way. The Unf--ck the Gulf approach may be very popular and may sell a few shirts, but it's not truly scalable. It's a niche effort at best, run by attention whores. Or should I say attention fuckers?

The usual "Hollywood response" on the other hand continues the trend of famous people thinking the rest of care what they think just because their famous. Shut up and act. That's all I pay you to do.

To his credit, Edward James Olmos' documentary effort should be the focus of any fundraising promotion. It's muckraking, but at least it focuses on residents. Not this crap.

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