check out your neighbor's place with your cell phone

How many times have you driven by that house and wondered what it was going for? Clikbrix brings QR codes to the real estate business - so now you can take a sneak peek at your neighbor's property with nothing but your cell phone.

This is a great idea, and one more inroad to getting QR codes on everything, everywhere. From @dugger


Todd said...

My fear: I scan it hoping for pics of the interior BUT get served a business card of the listing agent complete with pixelated head shot.

Wonder when Scott Monty will convince Ford (and the rest of the auto industry) to include QR codes on window stickers? Would be great way to easily cross shop makes/models.

darryl ohrt said...

You are SOOOO right on having this available at car dealerships. Seems like a no-brainer. Maybe @scottmonty needs an agency to implement this at the dealership level...;)

Erik Goldhar said...

Thanks for the post Darryl!

We have received some really great feedback thus far.

To reply to Todd's concern - when you scan a Clikbrix Agent QR Code from a sign you do go to their mobile Professional Profile Page. You will see a list (usually not more than 5 listings) where you can click through to the house you are standing in front of. Please visit on your smart phone for an example.

During the development of Clikbrix we debated with whether the QR Code should go to the Property page or the Agent's page. Ultimately our decision was based on 1 main fact - Agent's and Brokers are in the business of selling themselves and properties. They are not in the business of printing off multiple weather proof QR Codes, worrying about which code goes with which sign, using codes only one time per house, etc. The Clikbrix code can be re-used as many times as they choose.

Our research also showed that the majority of agents do NOT have more than 5 houses listed at any one time. So for the home buyer who scans the code it will be super easy to find the house you're standing in front of because you're only looking at a list of 5.

If you think about an agent's marketing tactics - 95% of them promote the property and not themselves. Typically business cards, bus shelters, coffee mugs and fridge magnets directly promote the agent. All others tactics promote the property. Clikbrix turns this on its head.

Remember - 100 people may look at advertising on a particular property out of which 10 may make an offer - out of which only one will become the buyer. The agent is not only interested in selling the property to ONE buyer but they are also very much interested in the 99 others that showed an interest in the property. This is what Clikbrix is able to help agents with - making a sincere connection with the 99 people that didn't buy the original property.

Finally, if an agent really wants a QR Code on the sign that goes directly to a property page we can do this for them as well.

I hope this helps clarify things for you a bit and thank you very much again for the post.


Erik Goldhar

P.S. Cars are also a great idea for QR - stay tuned!

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