and after you donate it, then what

You didn’t think they actually sent your old electronics to third-world countries now, did ya? When it’s time for that shiny new must-have that Techcrunch raves about, what do you with the old stuff? You can eBay it, but good luck getting decent cash. You can donate it, but then you have to find a place that will take it. That still doesn’t address the e-waste nobody wants though. Check out what really happens at the end of your printer’s life in this clip from Electronic Recyclers International. (Via Core77.)


Scott Brunjes said...

Best Buy recycles computers for free (it costs $10 but they give you a $10 gift card).

Christian Michelassi said...

I'd be very surprised if thath happened with all the e-waste we produce.

Anonymous said...

Me too Christian, I’m thinking it’s more the stuff they couldn’t find anything else to do with. You can see how they strip anything that might generate some $$$.

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