when was the last time you saw a banner campaign go viral?

Uniqlo developed a fun set of banners so awesome that bloggers took over the campaign and made it a success.

The banners are actually blog badges or widgets, that work like lottery tickets, and turn any site into a Uniqlo click it and win promotion.

Considering click-through rates on traditional banner campaigns are almost invisible, this is proof that original creative thinking is better than over-spending. The campaign generated almost THREE MILLION clicks on just over 4000 blog badges installed. Retail sales went up 120%.

Unique and interesting wins every time.


Ben Kunz said...

1. I love this campaign. Love it. Does show the power of strong creative -- creating thinking -- in making marketing work.

2. That sales number + 120% looks like complete and utter bullshit. If 4,000 blog postings can double sales, then they must not have many sales to begin with. Just saying.

But still, I'll focus on No. 1. Damn. Nice work.

darryl ohrt said...

On #2, it's not bullshit - but there are other considerations. Uniqlo is re-writing retail history, and seeing success in fashion retail like nobody in the business.

I think that the 120% increase in sales wasn't JUST the banner campaign, but the fact that their stores are hotter than ever.

Here's some great reading on their biz:

Ben Kunz said...

Thanks for the clarification, will check it out.

Hey -- are these the guys leading the resurgence in hip khakis? Damn, I am now SO cutting edge...

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