what writers can learn from glee

If you're a Gleek, then you'll love this post on Poynter about what copywriters can learn from the hit show Glee.

Some good points are presented, and they're not just for copywriters, either. Use this advice to sing and dance your way into a winning marketing concept, too.

Too lazy to click through? Here's four things that make Glee super gleetastic:

1. Mixing: Comedy, drama and musical all packed into one package. Could your concept mix it up a little?

2. Diversity of cultural expression. Duh, it's a complex world. You can speak and target multiple audiences at the same time.

3. Depth of characters. You can claim that people don't have attention spans, or are dumber than ever. But watch a 1970's sitcom, and you'll see just how far we've come. People want characters. Go deep.

4. Expect the unexpected. Surprise is always awesome.

There's much more to learn on the full post. Put on some glitter and make it happen.

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