what if you followed the advice found in magazines?

Jamie Keiles is an 18-year-old high school senior who has a question: What would happen if you followed all of the advice offered in the June/July issue of Seventeen Magazine?

Jamie took a poll of her friends and discovered that no one follows magazine advice...yet they all read the lists and articles. So she set off on a quest to see what happens if you actually implement the advice that you read.

She's sharing all of the results on her blog. The stakes are high, as she's taken her challenge during Senior Prom month.

Youth marketers: Here's an amazing look at teen life, pop culture, and your audience.

Students: Here's an outstanding example of how to create opportunities well beyond your hometown. Jamie is demonstrating her writing, marketing and insight to an entire industry. You can be sure that she's getting a killer internship over the summer.

Parents: Don't let your daughter do this with an issue of Cosmo. ;)

From @coryobrien


Cory O'Brien said...

Great point about social media's ability to suddenly expand your opportunities outside of your hometown. In essence, she's calling into question an entire industry, and doing so in a public, highly visible and frequently updated way. If that doesn't land her the internship of her dreams...

Madison said...

Isn't it similar to Cathy Alter's book 'Up for Renewal: What Magazines Taught Me About Love, Sex, and Starting Over'

Madison said...

However, she SHOULD get an internship out of it - the blog is impressive

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