@tsand kicked my ass

DotWar is a fun internet game that turns your Twitter stats into game mojo, and then you can battle any other user on Twitter. While I failed to beat the King of Wisconsin, perhaps you will fare better.

You should set up a workplace battle today, and coworkers have to buy the winner lunch.

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Todd said...

Pretty sure this blog post was designed to mislead your coworkers so you could easily beat them down.

Click the link to DotWar and then click on HELP. The power of your army is determined by the color of your pixels NOT your twitter stats.

Trust me, I was up until 1am designing the ultimate avatar, the one pictured above is NOT it. It looked more like a television test pattern... and it was more than worthy of my royal throne of cheese.

Also note, your avatar's front line of troops is on the left of your avatar. When someone battles you, your avatar moves to the left side of the field BUT does a horizontal flip, so those pixels are always up front, plan accordingly.

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