sell your virtual self on the virtual market

Our friend in the great white north, @gscratch just turned us on to Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue is an online influence stock exchange that allows individuals and organizations to convert their online influence into revenue. This is either crazy nuts or super genius.

It's wildly addicting, and instantly social. The site is extremely well designed, and more functional than you'd ever ever expect a "beta" release to be. (Right now, it's invite only)

And if it seems silly to trade virtual people and sites in virtual currency, consider this: 14 months ago, you would have thought it silly that people would "check in" to the grocery store, and brag about becoming "Mayor" of their local gas station. That silly social network is gaining more than 15,000 new users a day. Ready to invest?

If you're lucky enough to get an invite, we suggest that you buy heavy in Brand Flakes For Breakfast. It's the hot stock to watch, and this is likely how we'll retire.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention BFFB!

Anyone looking for an invite can twitter @gscratch, or email your desires to

15 invites available right now :)

Unknown said...

And just for clarity though I know a few members of the team, I'm not a part of the Empire Avenue crew. I have however been part of the user-base since it's early beta.

Adam Bow said...

i want an invite!

Vector Vagabond said...


Good thing you aren't my accountant...

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