bringing the product to fans in need

This promo for Wheat Thins is absolutely fantastic.


vinny warren said...

thanks for nice words. twas a ton of fun to shoot these as you can imagine.

Lou Mongello said...

Brilliant! THAT is how you use social media, my friends. Great to see a "big brand" using it so well. Bravo!

Mike Templeton said...

I saw the link to this video on Twitter today and I love it! It's a perfect example of taking social content that already exists and then capitalizing on it.

Wheat Thins has the staff, budget, and equipment to make any kind of commercial, but the simple act of delivering a pallet of Wheat Thins to an unsuspecting fan and capturing her reaction is so much more powerful than just another spot.

Congrats to them on coming up with this and just "going for it." I imagine we'll see similar sorts of stunts from other brands soon. What's that they say about imitation?

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