700,000 fans can't be wrong?

Here's a great lesson in social media marketing from the author of Shut Up I'm Talking.

Gregory Levey was pretty stoked to see that fans were multiplying and multiplying on his book's Facebook page. Before he knew it, he had hundreds of thousands of fans...only one thing: they were responding to the title of his book, in a different context than the book itself.

Here's proof that context is everything, that quantity isn't always what it seems, and that quality, targeting and message are more important than ever before. Thanks, Casey! (Again!)

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laurent said...

Yes about the importance of quality, targeting and messages. Yes yes yes.
I see so many stories about brands accumulating millions of fans and the value of those fans. But so what, when I go on their fan page, the chatter is just noise and meaningless, zero value. This is just like doing email marketing but transferred to SM. That's not what social media marketing is. SM marketing is to leverage the network and the social fabrics which is 10000s of niche communities, to find the right people for you/your product/your brand and let those people talk to their people who will talk to their people and so on. No control, just a bit of influence, which hinges on the amount of relevance, honesty, value that you can bring to those people that you choose to 'target' ;-).

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