this is how your grandma tweeted when she was your age.

Did you ever tweet something magnificent and say to yourself "this would be so awesome if I had a copy of this tweet typed on paper for future reference"? Of course you have. And now, there's a service that will do all of this for you.

Simply enter your tweet, pay $5 (plus $1 shipping), and Typed Tweets will hand type your tweet onto actual paper, and then mail it to you. Social media goes old school.


Anonymous said...

Call me jaded, but I consider this a vast waste of money. Surely you know someone who owns a typewriter and would do this for free. Or, if you're not a stickler for the authenticity of typewriter ribbon, do it yourself. There are dozens of "typewriter" fonts out there.
Sorry, Brandflakes; I usually agree with your "Hey, look at this!" posts. This one is a notable (and irritating) exception.

Anonymous said...


This is a joke, right? LOL

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