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In the future, you'll be able to snap a photo of anyone on the street, and your phone will be able to tell you where you can buy the same outfit.

The future is almost here! Westfield London Mall claims to have produced a tool that can identify product from online photos or cell phone photos, and point you to the store to buy it.

We can't find the actual tool anywhere on the internets (not even on the mall's website), so we're pretty sure this is still in the "idea" phase (or the mall just forgot to actually market the technology they created). Bring on the future, now.


Ben Kunz said...

Beyond the groovy sales and marketing aspect, this has some privacy issues as well. Imagine being able to shoot an image of anyone and find out what they spent on clothing (or cars or accessories) and use that information to calculate their demo, credit score, income, debt. Would be a virtual Sherlock Holmes. Yikes.

Thank God my wife's father didn't have this tool when I was first dating her in the 1980s!

darryl ohrt said...

As someone who can NEVER remember anyone's name, I cannot wait for the day where I can snap a photo of someone at a party and quickly identify "Ben Kunz".

And then I'll see your Facebook updates, and immediately impress you with witty conversation.

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