a lesson in branding from kiss

Paul Stanley, lead singer of KISS tells the LA Times how branding helped create the image of success, long before the band could sell out arenas.

They set up their own equipment at shows (like any indie band), but did so hours before the show, so fans wouldn't see them lugging gear. They put up their own flyers (like any indie band) but did so in the middle of the night.

Much of this lead to the illusion that their band was bigger and more successful than they really were. "There's no substitute for hard work, for lonely hours and sleepless nights," says the man with a star on his face.

There's another gem of a quote about how their music was polarizing, and the wasted energy of trying to convert haters into lovers: " Life's too short to try to convert people who don't like you." That's something that every brand (or social media user) can take as rock hard advice.

From @cullmann Photo: Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles Times

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