how to create a successful WOM campaign

If you're from the agency side, you might want to watch Saul Colt as a refresher to what actually works in word of mouth campaigns.

If you're from the client side, you'll want to watch Saul Colt so you can tell your agency to "shut it" when they pitch you lame ideas that have already been done a hundred kabillion times by other promotional campaigns.

What we believe is the most important reminder here: A successful campaign doesn't need to be about your product. (Most of the best aren't.) It DOES have to be engaging content that connects and provides some value to the audience you're trying to reach.

We're slowly becoming convinced that Saul Colt really is what he says: The smartest man in the word.


Unknown said...

Great presentation. Darryl, do you think i can get the actual slides? to make the experience a bit better...

darryl ohrt said...

Ivan: Saul says he's posted the slides:

Here's the link:

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Darryl. The best of luck with your agency new status: big. i

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