for you, this may be epic

I'm not from England, and I don't really get soccer/football, so the emotional impact on this ad is mostly lost in my head.

But maybe you're from England. And maybe you like kicking a ball around. And if you are and if you do, then this spot for Carlsberg Beer will be epic.

Oh, and it has an effing lion in it - and we now know that this is what makes ANY ad a legendarily awesome ad.


Tim Burley said...

Yes, this is Limey-flavoured epic.

Roll on June 11th, when the "only ball sport competition that can justifiably involve the word World in the title" begins.

Love from a Limey

Unknown said...

:) One month to go!

Wish we had that amount of passion for our national team here in the States!

Anonymous said...

There's an effing lion in the commercial! Brilliant!

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