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We just completed some work with the folks at Biz 360 on a new site called Idol Stats. The site uses the Biz 360 product and analysis, and looks to predict the next loser on American Idol.

Biz 360 provides social media monitoring, and they're demonstrating the accuracy of their product by attempting to predict the future. This is pretty impressive as they're not just reporting data, but using that data to analyze and predict a possible outcome. That's exactly what every business person who's interested in analytics is attempting to do - use data to make real decisions.

We don't often post on our own projects, but thought you would appreciate this particular effort. The piece received some nice coverage in the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets. (It's no wonder, because everything we touch is filled with awesomeness. ;)

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themaria said...

Hi Darryl!

Thanks for the shoutout! It's been a true honor and a huge privilege to work with you and your team on this project. We hope that folks will have as much time exploring it and predicting American Idol winners / losers, as we had making it!


- Maria Ogneva and your friends at Biz360
@themaria @biz360

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