your major network tv campaign starts now

Here's more proof that tv isn't dead, it's just changing.

Slate has a really fun demonstration of how with the help of Google TV ads, you can run an ad on national tv networks for just a couple thousand dollars.

No media planner, media buyer, or fat agency markup. Just you, Google and the boob tube.


Chris Conroy said...

So, anyone with a video camera can make an ad.

Following that logic:
• Anyone with a guitar can make music
• Anyone with a paintbrush can make art
• Anyone with Word can write a novel

But will it be any good?

Getting your ad on TV is one thing. Making an effective and compelling ad is another.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone with a camera...". Correct me if I'm wrong but there was no camera used in making the example ad. It's all clips. And no mention of copyright or licensing for any of the clips. Fun little "story" but...

Ben Kunz said...

This is a good service and we've recommended it for certain clients, but it has several limitations. What you are buying is "remnant" TV slots on only certain cable networks and on DISH satellite TV. For some products, remnant works well -- if you are reaching a broad audience. Say, George Foreman grills that appeal to everyone. Google TV also allows good targeting of demos (you can search for programming watched only by women with children for instance).

But it is difficult with Google TV to:

- Target prime dayparts
- Ensure ads run (remnant slots can be bumped, especially in periods of tight media inventory such as political windows)
- Build adequate frequency
- Target only certain geographies in the U.S.

It's definitely a tool worth exploring for some businesses. But if you need to control targeting, frequency of impressions, dayparts, and be sure your spots ran, it's not the solution. Daypart targeting is very important, for instance, because studies have shown that consumers are much more attentive to ads at certain times of the day.

I'd call this the cousin of crowdsourcing design platforms for ad creative or web design. You can get things cheap, but there are always going to be limitations.

Ena said...

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