what could bacon do for you?

Bacon. The magical, mystical food that no human can resist. FreshBooks put bacon to work on the streets of Austin, TX at SXSW. To promote their online invoicing product, they got right to the point: Freshbooks can make you bacon.

Forget social media. Or search. Bacon is the new, must-have marketing tool that can sell your product to anyone with a tummy. Yummy. This, and more SXSW fun on the official Brand Flakes for Breakfast SXSW Edition.


Aprille said...

I admit the appeal of bacon, but I think it shares the must-have spot with cupcakes. You know it.

Donuts and Coffee said...
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Donuts and Coffee said...

I use FreshBooks and like it.
I also like bacon but never realized how much of it was available in the media: http://bacontoday.com/, http://www.meat-o-matic.com/index.php?meat=Bacon&medium=Shirts&prodid=3, and http://www.baconshirts.com/ come to the top.

Cassie Wallace said...

This is awesome.

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