not going to austin? fake it.

Plenty of interactive geeks from across the land are on their way to Austin, Texas to partake in the SXSWinteractive conference. (We're covering our adventures, in a SXSW edition of BFFB.)

Maybe your boss wouldn't approve the budget. Or you're afraid of Texas. Or you have work to do.

If that's the case, SwissMiss has started a #VirtuallyAttendingSXSW hashtag, and will be tweeting away. And there's plenty of other people who have joined in on the fun.

If you're more of a lurker, and less of a tweeter, we suggest that you keep an eye on @tsand's Twitter stream. He's been known to create his own ImagicationSXSW, that's pretty much guaranteed to have you spitting coffee into your keyboard.

Going to Austin? Give any of the Humongo crew a shout. We want to drink Texas beer with you. Details and links here.

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Todd said...

Thanks for the love. I <3 Humongo.

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