meet humongo.

We have some gigantically exciting news to share. The agency formerly known as Plaid has been acquired by Source Marketing (an MDC Partners company) and will now become Humongo.

We feel that this new partnership deserves more than a press release. It's a huge move. A massive combination of creative super power. If awesome were a size XL, it would be Humongo. So as of today, that's the name of the greatest agency in all of the land.

Humongo. Say it out loud, with your arms in the air. Isn't it fun?

We're pretty stoked. We'll now have the resources to grow like never before. We'll have access to affiliate agencies that provide our clients what we can't. Imagine a small digital creative agency with the keys to the big guys. That's Humongo.

Our new parent company Source Marketing brings massive marketing prowess to the table that can only be described as ginormous. Sales funnels? Retail activation? ROI? Want your marketing campaign to pay for itself super fast? They've been doing all of that and more for companies like Bic, Philips, Reckitt Benckiser, Panasonic, Hunter Douglas, HSBC, Intel, Time Warner Cable and others.

We're also a part of the MDC Partners network. That gives Humongo some ginormous company. Agencies like Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners, Veritas Communications, Vitro Robertson, Mono, Red Scout...and did we mention Crispin, Porter & Bogusky??

There's plenty more on deck to be announced in the coming months. In the meantime, we'll be making our clients huge, building creative campaigns that rock the nation, and generally planning world domination.

Get in on the Humongo action.

Follow us on Twitter. Become our fan on Facebook. Check out the Humongo website. More importantly, take a look at your brand and ask yourself "could I use a little Humongo?"

We're here, ready to make something huge for you.

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At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
Staying in Danbury or headed down to Norwalk?  
At 2:24 PM, Blogger darryl ohrt said...
Humongo World Headquarters is centered in Danbury, CT!!  
At 2:30 PM, Blogger Donuts and Coffee said...
Congrats. This sounds good for you and Danbury and the nation. Next stop the world.  
At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Joseph Jaffe said...
CONGRATS my fellow CT-based Plaidians. Well deserved and incredible news!  
At 6:26 PM, Anonymous BJ said...
Congrats Guys!! Your San Diegan brethren salute you.  
At 8:45 PM, Blogger davehuns said...
Hunsberger sounded great. But on second thought, Humungo is really a great name. Good luck.

Matt's parents
At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
good luck with new venture, however Janet Jackson hasn't looked like that since early photoshop and superbowl many years ago......  
At 7:37 PM, Anonymous don said...
congrats indeed! hat city needs something HUMONGO to happen.  
At 12:41 PM, Blogger elCID said...
Rock on - just watched the video! You still stayin' in Danbury? - Oh, YES, just saw it... stay here, Darryl! Danbury needs you!  

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