i don't need your card

I've been saying this forever, but Chris Brogan just perfectly summarized what should be the new business card etiquette, everywhere:

Unless you want to do business with me, don’t give me a business card. We both know how to reach each other, so unless one of us asks for one, let’s not hand them out. We tend to give out business cards because we’ve been taught this is what to do. It’s not. It’s the old way. In the old way, we just blast people with messages whenever WE need something. In the new way, you and I should only exchange cards if we’re looking to do future business. Otherwise? We roughly know how to reach each other, don’t we?

Save a card. Save the planet. Rewire the way humans do business.

Seems like common sense, right? Yet how many meetings did you sit through in the last week, where everyone in the meeting did the card exchange? Even though everyone in the meeting is already on the same email thread.

Business cards: only when you absolutely need them. (Pictured above: the single best business card, ever.)


Anonymous said...

While I agree with just about everything you post, I completely disagree on being stingy with business cards at SXSW. Sure, if you follow the traditional "rules" for designing a business card, they're a complete waste of paper (that get stuffed into pockets before being stuffed into junk drawers and recycle bins).

With a little creativity, design and printing magic, business cards CAN be a powerful personal brand builder, a creative catalyst, a conversation starter and the start an effective viral marketing campaign.

The rule with business cards (and every other interaction): Never be boring.

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