how to show people that drawing is fun

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is hosting an event called Draw On, that looks to inspire people from all walks of life to draw.

They've got impressive drawing elite involved with the event, like Maurice Sendak, Peter H Reynolds, and street artist KAWS. Here's the challenge: most adults have been been told for years that "you're not creative." Or that "drawing is for artists. Or kids."

This is exactly the mindset that Draw On! hopes to crush. Anyone can draw, and have fun doing so. Our own Matt Hunsberger produced a site that is entirely drawn. Even down to the sponsor logos. If that wasn't enough drawing, he created the site in mostly black & white, with ample white space, and gave the user a box of drawing tools. Go ahead. Draw all over the site. Have fun. Draw like you haven't drawn since you were 12.

Disclosure: Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is a client and Matt Hunsberger works for the greatest agency in the land, but that doesn't change the fact that this is awesome work.

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