facebook founder: i need more.

Because we all know that being co-founder of Facebook isn't enough, Chris Hughes has launched another fantabulous company. Jumo.com looks to help people help the world.

Users get matched to causes and organizations based on their skillsets and resources. The tool helps discover people with resources and then match them with the cause that makes the most sense. It sounds like Linked In meets Facebook meets a dream come true for the non-profits and people in need across the globe.

The site doesn't officially launch until this Fall, but in the meantime you can sign up and let Jumo know a little about you. Learn more in the FastCompany profile on Chris.


Anonymous said...

Do you have more information somewhere about how all this actually works?

I have started your questionnaire btw and have not finished it for 2 reasons:
- I don't know what you will do with my data and how they will be processed
- I don't like these kinds of questionnaires because they force you into giving silly answers and because they don't allow to give any context (do check narrative methods: way better!)

darryl ohrt said...

Hey Anon -

This is not our product, so I can't answer your questions. I suggest that you look for a contact on the Jumo page, or wait until their official launch this fall, where I would guess they'd share more information.


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