branded entertainment: has its time come?

File this under "B2B doesn't stand for Boring2Boring." Hyatt just cut a sweet deal with Funny or Die to produce a series of pieces that promote the hotel chain's meeting planning and hosting services. Yes, that's a B2B ploy in a consumer world.

Hyatt realizes that business people are humans, and watch real media. Have you ever met someone who said "I'm sorry, I can't watch that video. I'm a business person, not a consumer." Yet brands with B2B messages continue to believe that B2B only belongs on a B2B channel (that's channel 456 on most cable systems.)

Even better, Hyatt's spending about $300K on the deal - likely a fraction of their competitor's spend on traditional media buys.

The other important aspect of this deal is that Funny or Die is producing the content. Not the agency, not a commercial director. There have been countless branded content ploys over the last few years, but it appears that we're finally in a place and time where the audience is there, the content is good, and the brands are willing to spend. Woohoo. Keep it coming.

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John Anthony Hartman said...

Here is to a bright future where content is king and brands are happy with playing a branded roll in making quality production a reality with funding!

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