are you doing things in the right order?

Here's an outstanding essay about the creative process related to game design, but that could apply to our industry as well. Less Talk More Rock points to the second part of every creative production process - the part where you meet, talk, analyze, plan and take the care that what you're going to create in the third step (the actual production process) is on target.

French creator Jordan Mechner suggests that we reconsider the order of these steps, and dive right into creation. We all know that step two can be laborious, hold things up, and give plenty of naysayers the opportunity to shoot holes through grand ideas. What if we just jumped in and created??

This is some excellent thinking, and if nothing else, could be a great inspiration to at least lessen the weight of step two in your process - if not entirely moving it.

Are you talking/meeting/planning yourself out of great ideas?

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