youtube: giving you the edge in college admission

Tufts has added a new option to high school seniors hoping to make the Tufts cut: Send a YouTube video. Making a video is one of eight optional submission options with the new enrollment application.

The results have been fantabulous - clearly giving a handful of students a tremendous edge. Although Tufts says they won't take public comments into account, some student submissions have generated a groundswell of support from existing Tufts students and alumni. They're building fans (and likely friends) before they've even been accepted to the campus.

For colleges, this gives an admissions department a unique look at a student. You can see their talent, their drive, and their comfort with themselves as teens ready for their next step in life.

You can almost imagine that a future progression will be micro-fan-financing. Like my video? Help send me to college.

English teachers: don't freak out. YouTube is an option, after they've completed two 200 word essays. All is right in the universe.

Awesome to see higher education adapting to the world where their audience lives. The internet is here - let's put it to good use.

From @KyleJudah @tsand, @cdorso, @epsteada, and of course, @TuftsAdmissions. (Yeah, they're on Twitter, too.)

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