need a new name? there's an app for that.

We all know that every possible cool url is pretty much taken, so if you want to create a new brand or company, often the best tactic is to invent your own word.

The Brand Generator is a tool that makes up new words for you based on some basic direction that you supply. And it's an iPhone app, so you can generate names on the move. Because that's how you roll.

Not as fun as the pirate name generator, but maybe more useful.


RFB said...

I hope this kills off some of those stupid branding companies that do nothing more than come up with names.

And if you don't want to use this app, an even easier method is blogger's captcha words, like the one below me now, "imphorgo."

darryl ohrt said...

I'm going to register the domain for Imphorgo right away.

I imagine that is the perfect name for a new weapons manufacturing company. Or a pharmaceutical firm.

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