mardi gras, without all of the drunken nakedness

This year's Mardi Gras is more than likely going to be better than ever. If you've never experienced Mardi Gras, or - if you've only experienced it as a drunken tourist, you owe it to yourself to check out My Mardis Gras Experience.

It's a blogger's experience of Mardis Gras for the first time as a local. They've also channeled in plenty of the typical social media streams, so there's plenty of content for all to see.

It's brought us by Tabasco, and promises to be family friendly. So you can show your kids without fear of boobies or man spears. From @scottmonty.

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Unknown said...


Thanks for making folks aware of our MyMardiGrasExperience social media experiment. In addition to giving everyone a chance to see Mardi Gras in a way they've likely not seen before, we are also using the site as a social media test.

We'll be publicizing the resulting case study at in mid-March. Or folks can follow @TomMartin to see when we post it. Either way, we'll be putting up the full dataset for all to use in their own case studies.

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