how mullen and radian 6 turned the superbowl into a marketing victory

As an agency, Mullen wants to get attention from marketers. And social media monitoring service Radian 6 wants to speak to agencies and brand people. They both know that Superbowl is the one television event that brings everyone together for the night.

Together, they created BrandBowl 2010 , a site that monitored the Twittersphere for chatter about the Superbowl ads, and measured the sentiment. The best ads were ranked on a live leaderboard with live chat streamed in too.

The genius behind this creation was that it spoke to their audience perfectly. Agency people and marketers alike now experienced a live demonstration of the Radian 6 product. And they did so with an excellent presentation by Mullen. Classic "create for your audience" marketing that made many agencies (including us) thinking "wish I thought of that."

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