google and facebook, toe to toe

Some people believe that there's only room for one social network. And that Google wants to beat Facebook wants to beat Twitter wants to beat something we don't know about yet.

If you're worried about which tool is the best, who is going to win, or believe there's only room for one, then you'll want to check out Google vs. Facebook. Sign in to both and see which of your friends respond on which network.

And then celebrate victory with a beer. Just because you can. That's what social media fight champions do.

1 comment:

Cory Grassell said...

There is a time a place for everything. Google ought to stick to what it does best: innovating the search experience. Facebook should hold fast to its roots: engaging users in a social-media experience. Google has to get involved in everything in an effort to compete, yet the end result is a bunch of mediocre products that never catch on and quickly fall to the wayside. I use Google everyday; I use Facebook everyday. And I'm OK with doing my searching and socializing on different platforms.

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