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Here's another fantastic case study about how a brand has leveraged Facebook to bring customers to their door. It turns out that coupons delivered through Facebook have a much stronger response rate than those old school FSI things.

Tell your boss to allocate 34 kabillion dollars to social media this year.


Jeff Hilimire said...

I'm impressed with the numbers they generated with this and several people in my office took advantage of the coupon. The question I have is, was it a huge "success"? Wouldn't the success part of this be the combination of both growing the list but then actually doing something with it, like driving purchases?

I think we get caught up in how successful social list growth can be but until brands figure out how to monetize the channels, its hard to call it a huge success IMHO.

darryl ohrt said...

I think that success in this case = redeemed coupons. And they claim to have great numbers here.

Bringing people into stores is a WIN, in my book.

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