finally, a beer with your name on it.

Newcastle has a fun new promotion that lets you design your own bottle labels. Even better, when you buy a new 12-pack, they come with laser printer ready stickers so that you can easily impress your friends.

It's Friday. What are you waiting for?

your city could use these signs

Artist TrustoCorp has installed some fun signs in NYC, Miami and other cool places that will make you smile.

what your brand can learn from gaga

Church of the Customer rounds up five key loyalty lessons that your brand could learn from the Gaga marketing and brand genius.

(Everyone could use just a little bit of Gaga.)

don't be that dude at the gym.

Adidas gets to the bottom of gym culture with a series of videos about how to dress at the gym. Awesomely perfect.

control the world with your eyes

Well, maybe not the world. Or even your car. Yet. But a company in Japan has developed headphones that sense your eye movement, and let you control your iPod.

Babies with Laser eyes cannot be too far behind.

easy reader RSS ready for action

I'm always surprised at the number of people who don't use RSS readers. (In reality, it's probably the minority of internet users that do.) And if you're not using an RSS reader, you're probably spending way more time reading a lot less than the rest of us.

If you fall into this category, Laura Newman points to a really simple, fun reader called Feedly that looks almost like a magazine page. Looks easy, looks nice, and will save you hours and hours of reading and clicking the old fashioned way.

when crap is good

Finally, there's a council that's been put together to maintain crappy standards. Because really bad is the new good.

From Make the Logo Bigger.

tell your boss you need more facebook time

Here's some nice proof from efficiency experts that say spending time on Twitter and Facebook during the day make you more productive.

Yep. You should tweet this, and then send it to your boss.

the taxi tops of tokyo

Photographer Alexander James has a beauteous collection of Japanese taxi top photography.

Chances are, there's something you see in your life every day that could be realized as art, too. Or maybe you should just hire Alexander to walk around with you to point these things out.

you know it's a success when the cell phone cams come out

KLM's experiential work to promote their new comfortable seating puts a guy in an invisible chair in the middle of an airport. Cute, fun, and cell phone pic worthy.

snacks you can eat without a tummy

Gusto snacks are so easy and carefree, that you can enjoy them in the most difficult situations. Like if you ever cut your head off, and your body falls out the window. (I know. That always happens when you're starving, doesn't it??)

pie breaks are the new smoke breaks

How to turn smoking areas into snacking areas. Mmmm.

how to keep airplanes free of screaming kids

The Boost Mobile spots aren't new, but if you haven't seen the kid in the cage spot, you'll get a laugh. In a it's-funny-when-kids-are-in-cages kind of way. (Excellent copywriting, too.)

please don't rob me

Maybe you've heard about Please Rob Me, a site devoted to tracking Twitter and FourSquare updates and aggregating tweets of people that aren't home.

Len Kendall has created something better: Please Don't Rob Me, a site that pulls together tweets with the keywords "Don't Rob Me" OR "someone robbed me" OR "I own a gun" OR "i set a trap".

The result is a pretty funny collection of "don't rob me" tweets, like "my apartment is reinforced with voodoo." From Culture-buzz.

nbc's mood meter

This new NBC site lets visitors vote on how they feel about the stories - and the results are immediately posted in fun, easy to skim categories, like "intrigued", "sad", "laughing", "bored", and more.

Makes reading the local news just a little more fun. How could your message delivery be more entertaining? From @mmcgreevy

you thought your snowman was impressive?

Check out this gallery of ice sculptures magnificent architectural masterpieces from the Ice and Snow Festival in China.

Kind of makes your snowmen and snow angels seem just a little bit...lame. From Robert Kong Hai, from GoogleBuzz

anything with dogs = instant cute

Dogs. In slow motion. Catching a treat. And that is how cute sells dog food. From @ericfleming.

youtube: giving you the edge in college admission

Tufts has added a new option to high school seniors hoping to make the Tufts cut: Send a YouTube video. Making a video is one of eight optional submission options with the new enrollment application.

The results have been fantabulous - clearly giving a handful of students a tremendous edge. Although Tufts says they won't take public comments into account, some student submissions have generated a groundswell of support from existing Tufts students and alumni. They're building fans (and likely friends) before they've even been accepted to the campus.

For colleges, this gives an admissions department a unique look at a student. You can see their talent, their drive, and their comfort with themselves as teens ready for their next step in life.

You can almost imagine that a future progression will be micro-fan-financing. Like my video? Help send me to college.

English teachers: don't freak out. YouTube is an option, after they've completed two 200 word essays. All is right in the universe.

Awesome to see higher education adapting to the world where their audience lives. The internet is here - let's put it to good use.

From @KyleJudah @tsand, @cdorso, @epsteada, and of course, @TuftsAdmissions. (Yeah, they're on Twitter, too.)

the future of apparel is all about you.

Always wanted a photo of your dog on your shorts? Or a photo of your local beach? Or your own custom illustration? Done, Done and done.

Shortomatic has brought to the world of boardshorts what Threadless brought to t-shirts, and what Vans brought to sneakers.

Now you can make your own shorts, or choose from a gallery of artist designed shorts. Submit your own designs and earn up to $1000. Everyone wins and looks hot on the beach. Which is really what life is all about, anyway.

We've seen the future, and it's designed by you. Suhweet.

a pizza pocket, suitable for framing

Here's all of the ingredients in a ham & cheese Hot Pocket, realized as wonderful typographic artwork. You needed this.

the alternate version of that dodge ad

You probably already saw the emasculated man Dodge ad ("Man's Last Stand") that debuted during the SuperBowl.

There was a ton of internet chatter about the multitude of emasculated men spots (and people in underwear spots), but a handful of NYC creatives took it a step further, and created the female version.

AdAge interviews one of the makers of Woman's Last Stand for the complete back story. Suhweet.

how your website sounds

If your favorite website could sing a song, this is what it would sound like.

The Code Organ has some complex algorithm magic that analyzes the code of any url, and turns it into music. Because the world needed this.

a love song from real men

Think a bunch of hard core soccer/football fans can't sing a great love song? Puma proves otherwise.

the making of the man you could smell like

Everyone's talking about the Old Spice man - the man every woman wants, and that every man wants to smell like.

How'd they make the spot? Was it all one shot? Was it CG? Leo Laporte gets to the bottom of it all. Awesome. From @bmorrissey

you can use skype to reach zany artists

This new campaign for Skype lets you experience the product by actually using it.

They've set up artists all over the world and given you everything you need to connect with them: their Skype name. Simple, cool, fun.

google and facebook, toe to toe

Some people believe that there's only room for one social network. And that Google wants to beat Facebook wants to beat Twitter wants to beat something we don't know about yet.

If you're worried about which tool is the best, who is going to win, or believe there's only room for one, then you'll want to check out Google vs. Facebook. Sign in to both and see which of your friends respond on which network.

And then celebrate victory with a beer. Just because you can. That's what social media fight champions do.

how google goggles can help you eat

Did you ever order dinner while at a restaurant in a foreign country, and make your best guess on what the translation for "chicken" is? And then your meal arrives, and you learn that you've ordered cow stomach?

This genius Google scientist shows the near future of Google Goggles on your Android. You'll never eat cow stomach again. Holy smoke.

sometimes you have to think dirty

You can be sure that the graphic designer who put this ad together for a Junior Jazz Dance event had only the best intentions. And they needed a couple of illustrations to represent dancers. The only problem of course, is that the rest of us see: boobies.

Sometimes it pays to think like a frat boy, and look for boobies and sex in everything you do. Just call it proofreading, and you won't feel so bad.

send this to that old dude in marketing

If you've ever uttered the words "above the fold", then this is for you.

If you actually believe that there are people who are using the internet but who don't understand what a scroll bar is, then this is for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is. no. fold. Pass it on. From Jon & Derek.

ridiculous figure skating costumes

Are you disgusted at the ridiculousness of the figure skating costumes the "athletes" at the winter olympics are sporting? Do you wish that there were a little more Lady Gaga brought to the mix?

Well, then you'll love this collection of the top ten worst figure skating costumes. (Please, let's create a parody video of ice dancing ridiculousness...) Thanks, Kevin!

build your own fake google street view car

The F.A.T. organization is not really fond of the fact that Google is trusted with so much of our data. So they organized a F*ck Google week, where people created anti-Google art projects.

The best of the crop was the fake Google street map car. They've even supplied instructions on how to build your own, so that you can cruise the strip and impress chicks. From Laughing Squid.

the future of the library

A California College of the Arts Professor asked his architectural class to explore what a library might look like in the future, if information were no longer accessed through books.

The results are pretty interesting, and include a Google Book Portal (pictured above), Public Access Wifi envelopes, and more.

a complete waste of your time

Somehow...this video of people doing random stuff is oddly engaging. Like you'll watch it, and pretty much it goes nowhere, but you can't stop watching.

Do we really need to spend millions producing commercials anymore? From @coudal.

lotion that's not for internet workers

Here's a great series of print executions for lotion maker On the Job. They don't make lotion for girls. Or for guys who spend their days typing on keyboards. On the Job is lotion for hands. Hands that work for a living.

Headline reads: Repairs hands that work for a living. Nice work.

what fedex has learned from social media

Think that a company that ships packages can't benefit from social media? Have you ever heard of FedEx?

Check out what Global Communications Manager of Media Relations Matt Ceniceros has to say about the matter on the Amex OpenForum blog.

(We got to stop at FedEx headquarters on last year's PlaidNation tour, and can attest to Matt's awesomeness.)

do not mess with the bears in alaska

You may wonder what it is that makes this stadium video intro for the Alaska Nanooks so unbelievably awesome.

No need to's the power of the bear. Only Chuck Norris can stop them now.

this old thing called radio

In the olden days, people used to listen to music on devices called radios.

And humans picked and played songs for them. This was before the "shuffle" feature was invented on your iPod. Instead of typing a url, listeners needed to find the location of the station on a dial.

And these dials are magnificent design artifacts.

the ocean is this deep

Ever need an info graphic on just how deep the ocean goes? Here you go. (From Angel Leon on GoogleBuzz)

it's like winter olympics for geeks and creatives.

If you haven't been keeping up with the TED conference, you'll want to begin checking it out. You can start with this melt your eyes augmented reality demonstration that took place last week. Beats people in sequins dancing on ice, any day.

miss piggy: say my name, say my name.

As part of their Give a Day Get a Day volunteer promotion, Disney has created a site that's customizable to your name. You've seen that before, but they've taken it a step further by adding customized audio as well.

Hearing Kermit and Miss Piggy say your name will take you back to your favorite Muppets episode. Or make you want to volunteer. Or have you sending it to a friend.

If that wasn't enough, when you revisit the site, they produced an entirely different segment, acknowledging your return. Wasn't a necessity, but a super nice, unexpected surprise. And nice surprises deliver results, on the internet.

google is stalking you

Google has added re-targeting to the ads they serve up on search. Re-targeting?? There are ads on my search engine?? What does all this mean? Braniac Ben Kunz explains it all at Thought Gadgets.

Realize this: if you're an advertiser, you'll want to chat with your media buyer, as a whole new world of opportunity has just opened up. If you're a consumer, the ads you see will begin to look extra creepy. Like ads for stuff you searched for yesterday. (Kind of like Facebook, isn't it?)

let's get naked and cuddle

The Green Thing reminds us that we can help the earth by turning down our thermostats. This weekend is the perfect time to turn that into an opportunity for nakedness with your loved one. Keep each other warm, and save the environment, too.

Green Thing has created a handful of ready-to-send Valentine's day cards that you can send your honey as an invitation to cuddle together for warmth.

Here's the one that I've made for you.

the ultimate galactic valentine

If your girlfriend resembles any of the women of Star Wars, then you'll definitely want to get her a Star Wars Valentine. Yeah.

business in the front, party in the back.

Ladies and gentlemen: the the social media mullet. Twitter and LinkedIn expertly illustrated with America's most bitchin' haircut.

you should get this for your office

Wow. Here's what you can do with eight monitors, eight machines, google earth and the internet. (If you had a couple of world-class Google engineers at your disposal.)

From @getshust

the man knows not what sequins is.

This new ad for French Connection introduces you to a man. And he apparently doesn't believe in wearing sequins.

if world of warcraft were cute...

What if you pulled together some really cool illustrators and creative people to produce a social game that was like World of Warcraft, but friendly, creative and cute? Without all of the swordfights?

Check out Glitch. The latest and most awesomest MMO, created by one of the founders of Flickr. It's not live just yet, but you can read all about the details in CNET.

They're calling it a never ending feast of imagination, a celebration of creativity, a labor of love, and a monument to play. (Not that they're over confident or anything...)

it's time to celebrate lousy meetings

Ever wonder how much money you waste in unnecessary meetings?

Now you can calculate the exact value of a lousy meeting, with the handy new Meet or Die tool. Complete with cute alien blob host, Goolah. From @gregverdino.

that b-roll you were looking for is here.

Looking for some awesome b-roll to complete that masterful video production? Look no more.

There are awesome videos, and there are more awesome videos. This one is more awesome times ten. From @chicalibre.

where geeks and princesses converge

Fairytale Fashion is a vidcast that melds the geekiness of technology with the cuteness of fashion design. Like a purse made from a mobius strip.

If this is your kind of wonderous geek fashion fantasy, then you're definitely going to want to see the Fairytale Fashion Show happening next week at Eyebeam. (Limited number of RSVPs here.)

source code: now for sale to ad industry.

In a genius move to promote the new video game Dante's Inferno, EA Games created ASCII art/ads and placed them within the source code of sites like Digg.

Each ad contains a password, and if you collect them all and enter them on the site, you'll win something. Or trigger hell on earth. Or something like that.

google now mapping mountains

You probably already know that Google tricks out cars to capture images for their street view pics across the world. But now there's street view for Canada’s Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. (Just in time for the Olympics.)

How'd they do that? They tricked out a snowmobile.

Find even more pics and behind the scenes fun at the Google Street View blog.

guys: don't smell like a lady.

This new campaign for Old Spice is nothing but manly awesome hilariousness.

this is how to sell t-shirts.

Rhett and Link, makers of the finest local tv spots ever seen by humans, have a new project called T-shirt war.

So good, so creative, and so fun. You'll want to be these guys. In the meantime, you can buy the shirts off their backs.

making tv more real

If you're a fan of the Office, you know that Dunder Mifflin was just acquired on the show, and the characters are going through the typical process of a corporate acquisition.

NBC has a great history of tying the on-screen fun to the internet world, and they haven't stopped with the acquisition. Check out the site for the new parent company, Sabre Corp.

The employee welcome video featuring Christian Slater is especially heart warming. Thanks, RJ!

winter olympic fun with samsung

Samsung just released a series of videos celebrating winter sports in a more fun way than the typical figure skating or half pipe riding.

don't have a valentine? how about the meter maid?

Skittles has launched a promotion that's asking you to join their "mob the rainbow." A rainbow mob is like a flash mob, only it doesn't necessarily involve showing up to a particular place, and its goal is to spread happy rainbow goodness. (Like a flash mob for lazy people.)

This particular rainbow mob is all about sending some random meter maid a valentine. If we all do it, she'll get a kabillion valentines and be the most loved meter maid in meter maid history. Or, she'll be really freaked out and give us all tickets.

Nice idea, and great tie to the rainbow of deliciousness.

mardi gras, without all of the drunken nakedness

This year's Mardi Gras is more than likely going to be better than ever. If you've never experienced Mardi Gras, or - if you've only experienced it as a drunken tourist, you owe it to yourself to check out My Mardis Gras Experience.

It's a blogger's experience of Mardis Gras for the first time as a local. They've also channeled in plenty of the typical social media streams, so there's plenty of content for all to see.

It's brought us by Tabasco, and promises to be family friendly. So you can show your kids without fear of boobies or man spears. From @scottmonty.

denny's: the series

After you're done with this morning's free Grand Slam at Denny's, you can enjoy more Denny's internet goodness.

Because many people didn't believe that the chicken takeover of the SuperBowl was enough, they've created more. More chicken videos, served up like a second helping of flapjacks. Or another Moon over Miami. (You can actually call Janeth at Denny's too - which is a nice touch.)

remix culture: how it all comes together

Think that internet memes and viral culture is completely random and without intellect?

Check out this outstanding analysis of remix culture and social play. A must view for anyone working in the socialsphere.

how mullen and radian 6 turned the superbowl into a marketing victory

As an agency, Mullen wants to get attention from marketers. And social media monitoring service Radian 6 wants to speak to agencies and brand people. They both know that Superbowl is the one television event that brings everyone together for the night.

Together, they created BrandBowl 2010 , a site that monitored the Twittersphere for chatter about the Superbowl ads, and measured the sentiment. The best ads were ranked on a live leaderboard with live chat streamed in too.

The genius behind this creation was that it spoke to their audience perfectly. Agency people and marketers alike now experienced a live demonstration of the Radian 6 product. And they did so with an excellent presentation by Mullen. Classic "create for your audience" marketing that made many agencies (including us) thinking "wish I thought of that."

backstories on the hot spots from last night

One of the more talked about ads from last night was the David Lettermen/Jay Leno ad, with Oprah. Want all of the background on how the Superbowl miracle came together? The NY Times has all the juice.

Meanwhile, AdFreak shows the difference between the beauteous Google spot and an actual search of the same questions.

(I still want to know what vitamins Betty White is taking.)

print publishing: the new non-profit?

Giant Robot is the most awesome resource for Asian meets American pop culture. The trouble is, like most pubs on paper, not enough people are subscribing or paying for ads.

They've put together a pretty heart-touching video and fundraising site that explains their predicament and how they need your help.

Kind of makes you wonder if NPR-style fund-drives are the future of print publishing, doesn't it?

how to make a fiat cute

Did you ever wonder what your car might look like, if you painted it with your sister's nail polish? Or how long it might take? Yeah, me too.

Watch a new Fiat get painted pink with a little tiny brush and a kabillion bottles of nail polish. It's all part of Pink My Ride, a new campaign for Fiat and lovers of cute pink cars.

need a new name? there's an app for that.

We all know that every possible cool url is pretty much taken, so if you want to create a new brand or company, often the best tactic is to invent your own word.

The Brand Generator is a tool that makes up new words for you based on some basic direction that you supply. And it's an iPhone app, so you can generate names on the move. Because that's how you roll.

Not as fun as the pirate name generator, but maybe more useful.

welcome to your augmented reality future

In the future, everything will be augmented reality and plastered with banner ads. And making tea will never be easier. Thanks, Casey!

type and sing tool for the singing of type

Type your message into the Let them sing it for you tool, and it automatically pulls singing audio samples to compose your message.

Almost unintelligible for many messages, but I'm sure that when you use this to sing your love to that special valentine, she won't mind. From @codegent.

your tweetage, illustrated

Xefer is a new tool that lets you graph your tweets by time and day of the week.

So now you can put together a PowerPoint presentation and impress your friends with the volume of your tweetage. (Definitely a big hit at parties.) From @darmano

artful therapy for over spending

Do you need to remind yourself that living beyond your means on your credit card is a bad habit?

Check out what artist Kate Bingaman-Burt is doing. She's vowed to hand draw each of her credit card statements, until they're paid off. She started in 2004. (She's still going.) Wow. From @miconian.

what your name means on the street

If you work in a place where you'll get in trouble for seeing nasty swear words on your computer, then ignore this post. And definitely don't click this link.

But if you're not offended by crass language, or have a potty mouth workplace, then you'll totally love this campaign by UrbanDictionary to promote their tool.

Enter your name, and learn what it might mean in street slang. (I am so happy to be named after a turd.) Cute. From pottymouth @benkunz.

everyone loves tasty bagels

Here's another fantastic case study about how a brand has leveraged Facebook to bring customers to their door. It turns out that coupons delivered through Facebook have a much stronger response rate than those old school FSI things.

Tell your boss to allocate 34 kabillion dollars to social media this year.

don't ask.

The latest internet meme that has everyone going gaga? Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. You don't have to understand it, you only have to respect it.

Someday, aliens will look down on our civilization and be confused.

the stick dude from the nyc subway system

One of the things you've really been missing in your life is a comprehensive collection of stick figure man graphics from the NYC subway system.

Rest easy, PrttyShtty Design has assembled a wonderful post featuring all of them, for your enjoyment. From Coudal.

coke creates snowball association

You've probably seen the new Coke spot that features an Olympic inspired snowball fight. In order to take the concept a little further than the tv spot, they created a fictional association called the IFST (International Federation of Snowball Throwing).

Check out, the official site for IFST, and enjoy comments on the Coke spot, snowball making tips and more. Great extension of the campaign online.

spirit airlines targeting...who?

Spirit Airlines has a new campaign that's captured the spirit of...a frat boy? Their ads feature MUFF Diving Sales and MILF Sales.

This is sure to offend many, which makes you wonder if a targeted campaign to frat boys for spring break will have negative impact for their larger audience in the long haul. Here's an interesting lesson in the mechanics of micro and macro targeting. And, I just said MILF.

empty house turns into ice house

Detroit has more empty and abandoned real estate than most parts of our country. A photographer and architect are collaborating to bring some additional attention to the issue by turning an empty house into an ice house.

You can watch the video, and then help to support the cause. Another beautiful example of the creative community coming together with their actual communities, and making a difference.

tired of the talking babies?

Tough. They're not going away. In fact, you can count on them making an appearance in the Superbowl. Because people love talking babies.

Make your own talking baby video message on the eTrade BabyMail site. (No babies were actually mailed in the making of this stunt.)
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