what do all the kids want?

There probably isn't anything here that will surprise you, but now when you put this slide in your PowerPoint presentation, you can point to an actual list of what kids were searching for in 2009.

I'm just glad that Taylor Swift made the top twenty. From @derickson.


Todd said...

I call bullshit on "Club Penguin" showing up anywhere in the top 20 for 2009. Maybe in 2007, but not during the past year, either kids got that bookmarked or don't care to be there.

Also, what asshole parent wouldn't set Google up as the browser's start page? Searching for Google?.. Come on kids, tell daddy he's lame.

Sidenote: I check Safari's history on my son's iPod Touch daily, way more insightful than a list that has three versions of "YouTube" crowding the top 10. Just sayin.

Todd said...

Upon further review...

Looks like Symantec (Norton) received a Disney iParenting media award. Since Disney owns Club Penguin, my grassy knoll theory is Norton cooked the books and ranked Club Penguin in the top 20 as payback (and for some park hopper passes).

Think about it... how the hell is a "7 & Under" kid going to spell penguin? Serious.

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