swarmy seo = brand damage

Think you have nothing to lose by gaining results with search engine optimization? Some less than scrupulous SEO firms use swarmy tactics - which, as Ben Kunz points out, can actually end up damaging your brand, when readers come across it.

Ben points to the case of FinalFootwear, who it appears has someone placing spammy SEO links on their behalf across the blogosphere. Internet users are more savvy now - and see spammers for what they are - so when they see FinalFootwear spamming the comments in a blog they regularly read, it damages their brand. (Who wants to spend money with a known spammer?)

The sad thing is (we hope) that FinalFootwear is likely unaware of their spam generation. They probably hired a firm to optimize their search for them. Proof that you need to do research, work with reputable firms, and that your actions have real consequences on the internet. Tricking Google is a tricky business.

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