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Flavors.me is a place that aggregates all of your social stuff in one easy to find site. They're still in beta, but if they continue to add relevant social networks to their tool, this could be a good place to gather everything together.

So you meet someone at a conference, and you're too lazy (or your business cards are too small) to communicate your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo, and all of the places that you exist in the social sphere. Give your new friends your Flavors.me address instead, and they'll have everything they need.

No coding skills required, and your page can be up in minutes. So far, we think it's pretty awesome - although they definitely need to add some additional social networks (which they're working on.) Sign up, and maybe you'll get an invite code. From @tinkugallery.


Anonymous said...

What did you guys think about Skimmer (put out by Fallon)?? Pretty Similar I think. Seemed like an noble idea that didn't really catch on. Hopefully this one can fill the void.

darryl ohrt said...

Yes - and some friends of ours produced Hi I'm (http://hiim.r09.railsrumble.com/), too.

I think the winner in this space will be the product that:
+ Works best
+ Gets quick adoption

Fingers crossed that someone does this, because I really believe the internet needs it!

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