job search will never be the same.

Are you looking for a job? Why not treat your situation like a classic sales and marketing project? Who is it that you really want to work for? What could you do to target them individually, and convince them that you're right for the job?

Hire me, HeadBlade is the latest success story in what is becoming a full fledged movement of how to get a job in the new economy. Find the place where you belong, and then make it happen.

Disclosure: Headblade is a client of our agency, but that hasn't impacted the opinion or points presented above.


Cassie Wallace said...

I did something similar to this while applying to internships this winter. I used print instead of web, and got an interview from my efforts that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Eric Romer said...

Thanks for the post, Darryl. It's exciting to see so many people trying new approaches, and just going after it. I think there's an obvious, inevitable shift happening with standards of getting things done. The tools are all there, and most are free. Stories like mine & Cassie's will become less and less rare.

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